The Isle of Skye is blessed with World class ingredients from the sea and the land, and it’s these ingredients which fuel the passion our chef’s have to do them justice.
The Edinbane InnThe Edinbane InnThe Edinbane Inn

Our philosophy is simple – take the best of seasonal, local produce, then prepare and serve it in a manner which shows off the taste to it’s full potential.

Food is served in the dining room and the bar, with a choice of classic dishes as well as fantastic, seasonal specials, allowing you to tailor your dining experience to suit.


We are lucky to have wonderful local suppliers including:

Bridget at Glendale Leaves for her amazing leaves and edible flowers

Anthony at Skye Veg. in Totaig for potatoes and veg.

Ian at Skye Berries, Edinbane for fantastic blueberries, raspberries and gooseberries

Skye Brewery for their very tasty beer

Skye Game‘s delicious Edinbane venison

Skye free range chickens in Vatten

Geoff at Wild Skye for foraged goodies

Campbell’s butchers for excellent Scottish meat

The Dunvegan fishermen and lovely folk at Just Hooked in Portree for all our lovely fresh fish and shellfish

Sandra’s hens and ducks, delicious free range Edinbane eggs and last, but not least, Ronnie’s Mum and Dad‘s garden in Treaslane for all kinds of seasonal treats!